Bangkok is one of the most prominent transport hubs in South East Asia, with many flights passing through the city’s airport. There are millions of people who visit Thailand every year, but there are also a lot that transits through Thailand on their way to other destinations, and often have a long layover between their flights. If you are going to be travelling through Thailand and looking for something to do with a long layover, below are some ideas to help you pass the time and relax before setting off on your onward journey.

A Hotel Close To The Airport

One of the best things to do when you have a long layover in Bangkok is to find a hotel that is close to the airport and relax for a few hours between your flights. When looking for a hotel located close to Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok has plenty of options available, and it can give you the rest you need to carry on with the rest of your journey, feeling fresh and relaxed before heading off to your final destination. A comfortable bed, some good food, and a nice shower are an excellent way to recharge your batteries between flights.

Head Into The City

Depending on how much time you must kill you can always head into Bangkok and explore this fascinating city for a few hours before starting the next leg of your journey. There are many landmarks that you can visit, you can go shopping in one of the many air-conditioned shopping malls, or you can grab some delicious Thai food and have a few drinks.

Watch A Movie

There are a few different shopping malls which are not far from the airport, so you can leave your luggage in one of the secure storage areas and take a taxi to one of them to watch a film. There will be plenty of movies in English for you to watch and you may even be able to get a few in before you must leave.

Enjoy A Relaxing Massage

Thailand is also famous for its Thai massage, so you can always go to somewhere near the airport, or inside the airport itself, and treat yourself to a couple of hours massage. It is an excellent way to recover from a long flight and get you ready for the next one, getting the circulation going and getting rid of the knots in your muscles and tendons.

These are just a few of the options that are available to you and if you are looking for more ideas for your layover in the Big Mango, click here for more opportunities to help you kill some time before your onward flight.