If you have never been to southern Quebec, you would be rather surprised with the amazing towns that make up the region. Bromont is one of them. Located at the foothills of Mount Brome, Bromont has a charm that’s hard to find anywhere else. For those who are a fan of skiing, walks, and randonnée, this is where they need to head for an awesome getaway with the family. In this overview of Bromont, we are sharing more on what you can expect on a visit here.

The basics

For the unversed, Bromont is located in the Eastern Townships and is known for its location, surrounded by mountains and lakes. Many people also know the town for Ski Bromont, which is one of the incredible and expensive mountain resorts worth every penny. During the winters, Ski Bromont is an incredible space to explore, even if you are not staying here. All through the year, including summers and autumn, you will find more than 100 kms of trails in Bromont, and most of them are pretty well-marked.

Things to know

The town center is located on the northern base, and you will find some of the best restaurants of Bromont here. Le Musée du Chocolat is a good place to try a wide range of chocolate treats, while you should also make time for the famed Arterie Gallery. Local cafés and boutiques are absolutely amazing, and if you happen to be here between April and October, you should head to the Bromont Flea Market, where you can find incredible stalls selling unique stuff worth paying for.

Other things to consider

There is the Bromont Equestrian Center, where you can take classes in horseback riding. It is also possible to rent a bike and head straight to Balnea – easily the best Scandinavian spa experience in Quebec. Balnea is known for its saunas, pools, and hot spas, and it is located at the shores of a lake, surrounded by mountains, and we promise that the views are enough to get you excited.Balnea also has a good restaurant.

Heading to Bromont

If you are in Montreal, it will take a little more than one hour to drive to Bromont. Most people here speak French, but you shouldn’t have much trouble with English either. The food and local flavors have the French connection, and that’s widely evident. Ensure that you book your stay before you arrive.