Since the development of the Internet, a new breed of person emerged, namely the digital nomad. What is a digital nomad? A person who works online, which means they are not tied to any location; all they need is a stable Internet connection and they can live anywhere on the planet.

Here are a few compelling reasons why digital nomads love to relocate to Southeast Asia.

  • Lower cost of living – If you are able to live anywhere in the world, why would you wish to live in an expensive country? Countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are all cheaper than western nations, plus Asian countries have many other pluses that are more attractive than European countries. Whether staying in 5-star hotels in Singapore or renting condos in Bangkok, you can enjoy a luxury lifestyle for a fraction of the cost in a western country.
  • Great climate – Most people do not like cold weather and living in a tropical climate is very appealing to many. Some digital nomads spend the winter months in Asia and they return to their home country in the summer, while others prefer to relocate all year round to a country with a hospitable climate. Having the ability to live anywhere brings with it a level of freedom and independence that is very addictive.
  • Experience new cultures – One of the reasons digital nomads choose Asia is to experience different cultures; in the space of a couple of years, you can visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. Travelling broadens the mind and as long as a country has stable Internet, you can relocate and still stay on top of your work.
  • Business registration – No one wants to pay any more tax than is necessary and one way to minimise tax liabilities is to register your business in a foreign country. Of course, you should seek out legal advice prior to setting up a business. Many expat entrepreneurs set up a business in their country of residence, which helps them in more ways than one.

More and more people are remote working, especially since the pandemic and thanks to developing technology, it is now possible to relocate to anywhere in the world and carry out your work. Whether you work remotely for a company or you run your own business, why not try relocating to a southeast Asian country? You never know, you might find paradise!