When planning your family holiday this year and looking for somewhere to go in the UK, a camping holiday in Scotland can be an excellent option. Scotland has many beautiful locations where you can camp, which is a much more affordable option than staying in hotels while you tour the country. When you want to have a memorable camping holiday in Scotland with your family, it will require some planning and research, and below are some tips to help you get started and ensure you have an amazing holiday in Scotland.

Research The Various Destinations

Many fantastic destinations in Scotland offer excellent camping and can make for the perfect holiday for your family. Some of the top camping destinations in Scotland include:

  • Stirling & Forth Valley
  • The Highlands
  • Dumfries & Galloway
  • Fife
  • Edinburgh
  • Perthshire

You can see some of the best campaign destinations Scotland offers by clicking here to help you decide where you want to go with your family on holiday. Once you have found the perfect place for you and your family, you can start looking for the best camping site to ensure you have a fantastic holiday.

Compare The Campsites

In the more popular places to camp in Scotland, there are various options available when choosing somewhere to pitch your tent. Using a company like Camping Scotland can help you secure your bookings and show you the options available to help ensure you select the perfect place to camp with your family. Look at the facilities each site offers and what is local to it and use Google Maps to see how far it is to local sights and attractions, so you choose a campsite in a convenient location.

When To Go?

You will also need to consider when you will go camping in Scotland, and the warmer summer months are often not the best as you have lots of flies and midges. Instead, it is often best to go in early spring when the weather is not quite as warm, and there are fewer things that want to eat you. You will often find that it is still the low season for many tourist destinations, so you can usually pay less for your campsite when you choose when you go wisely.

Keep Your Plans Flexible

No matter what time of year you go camping in Scotland, the weather can be changeable, so you will want to keep your plans as flexible as possible. You can reserve your campsites for where you plan to stay and ensure they do not have a cancellation fee if you change your mind. You can spend longer or shorter times in areas along your way and ensure your tailor your trip to your wants and needs, making it an even more special experience.

Ensure that you pack suitable clothes for all seasons when packing for your camping trip, and you will have the correct clothes, whatever the weather decides to do. A camping holiday in Scotland can give you many fantastic memories you can cherish as a family, and much more affordable than going abroad.