With the cost of everything increasing significantly recently, many people are looking for cheaper holiday alternatives, and camping in the UK is growing in popularity. There are many fantastic destinations throughout the UK you can pitch up your tent and enjoy a quality campaign holiday. You can enjoy getting close to nature and spending quality time with the people you love, which can be an affordable option for your next holiday. Below are some fantastic places you can go camping in the UK that will help you have a wonderful time exploring the British landscape.

The Isle Of Mull

When looking for quality destinations for camping in Scotland there are many options, and the Isle of Mull is an excellent destination to consider for your camping holiday. You can explore the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue water reminiscent of the Caribbean and enjoy wildlife such as dolphins, whales, seals, eagles, and lots more. Taking your bike is an excellent way to help you get around and explore the island, and the ferry from the mainland runs every 20-30 minutes.


There are many campsites throughout Devon, and you can visit a few on your holiday as you explore this beautiful county. You can often get better weather in Devon during the summer months, which makes it a popular destination to visit, so you will want to book your camp sites in plenty of advance. It is an excellent destination to visit beaches, go hiking, and explore some of the quaint and beautiful villages Devon is famous for having. There facilities can vary in quality, as can the price, but with so much to see and do in Devon, it is an excellent destination for a camping holiday.

The Peak District

If you love rambling, you will want to try camping in the Peak District, which has a beautiful and distinctive landscape. There are various campsites dotted around this national park, and there are many excellent hikes and trails you can explore. You can take some fantastic pictures as you discover what is on offer in the Peak District as you explore caves, visit historic buildings and ruins, or enjoy the incredible views and nature. The weather can be changeable, so ensure you take suitable clothing to cover you for all eventualities, and expect the worst so anything else is a bonus.


Another excellent destination in Scotland for camping which is on the famous North Coast 500 route, is Lochinver. There are beautiful beaches along the Loch, and it is surrounded by beautifully rugged scenery that is excellent for hiking. You can explore the fishing port and enjoy the slower pace of life, and purchase some of the unique pottery made in this part of Scotland. The weather can be varied in this part of Scotland, and if you want to avoid the midges, the best time to come is between April and May. For a relaxing camping holiday that has stunning scenery and lots to see and do, Lochinver is an excellent camping destination to choose from for your holiday.