Bangkok is home to some of the most peaceful and relaxing massage parlors in the world. If you have had a rough few days, you should definitely consider heading to one of the local massage parlors and spas and get a treatment. There are several kinds of massages that are offered at many of these places, and you are going to have an amazing time there. However, when you look at their offerings, you will realize that many of the places offer an exhaustive list of spa treatments and massages. Which one should you choose? Here are the four best massages that you should try in Bangkok.

  1. Hot Spring Massage

Going to an onsen in Bangkok is a fantastic idea for people who want the ultimate in terms of relaxation and calmness. Onsen is the Japanese term for a hot spring, and you can easily find a local one in Bangkok. You will get to spend time in one of the relaxing hot springs where your body will rid itself of all the toxins. Once you have spent some time in the onsen, you can then get out and get a fantastic full body massage from a licensed masseur.

  1. Hot Stone Massages

Hot stone massages are also incredibly popular in the tropical climate of Thailand, and they are designed to relieve the pressure from different parts of your body. A hot stone massage is just what you need after a tiring day at work. The masseurs are going to place hot stones at different pressure points on your body to relax the muscles and then help your body relax. The use of aromatherapy is also quite common because it helps the body relax even more.

  1. Full Body Massage

One of the most popular massages that you can get in all of Thailand is a full body massage. Full body massages are designed to relax your body from head to toe and are usually offered at different massage parlors throughout the city. You should get an oiled full body massage as it will help relieve all the tension from your muscles.

  1. Back Massages

Back massages are incredibly common as well, mainly because so many people suffer from back pain. If you have been experiencing niggling back pain, you should go for a massage to get rid of the problem.