James Bond is one of the most famous fictional characters of all-time. The British secret agent has traveled the world busting bad guys and bagging gorgeous ladies. And in the making of those movies, a lot of beautiful locations have been used.

One of those is an island in Thailand. Take a tour of that island by inquiring about a James Bond island tour price. It will make for one of the most unique and memorable experiences that you can have while visiting Thailand.

More Than Just a Location

The setting would be enough in most circumstances, including beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water, and some of the most stunning scenery that one could hope for. Adding in the fact that 007 himself has been here and done that makes it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Even better, you can do so much more than just see the island, thanks to a unique tour. With eye-catching cliff islands that rise up out of the water, it is a breathtaking scene that will be forever ingrained in your mind.

Bond, James Bond

The island, northeast of Phuket, was featured in the 1974 film “The Man with the Golden Gun,” one of the many James Bond classics. There is a nearby fishing village where you can see and learn how the people there live.

This tour includes seeing their shops, homes, schools, and how their industry is supported. It provides one of the most unique and interesting glimpses into how island life is. It also doesn’t hurt that you can get some of the most breathtaking pictures that are even possible.

The Right Package

Seeing Thailand provides an exhilarating experience as it is. Being able to see the most beautiful hanging cliffs and waters around makes it all the better. You will feel as if you are a secret agent infiltrating a base full of bad guys from the safety of your travel group.

Even if you aren’t a fan of James Bond, it is definitely a cool experience to partake in. It is the kind of experience that you can share with friends and family time and again and even poke a little fun that they have not had the fortune to experience.

Visit the tropical scenery and see where James Bond enjoyed the warm sun and sandy beaches. You will be thankful that you got to see those scenes without having to fight bad guys to do it.