We all like to take a little holiday from time to time don’t we? The pressures of life and work can get too much at times, and taking a break away from it all can help to reduce stress levels, allow us to relax for a short period of time, and recharge our batteries before coming back ready to perform to our maximum levels. This works in so many different areas of life, and it can also do so when you are discussing your repayments to a payday loan company.

There will be times in life where your financial and personal circumstances change beyond your control. If you have already agreed to certain repayments, including with a short-term loan company, you might be worried that you can no longer keep up with the payments. This might only be for the short-term, until you can get back on your feet. There are numerous reasons why this might be the case, including illness or injury that has prevented you from working, or redundancy which has taken away your earning potential. What should you do when this happens?

Taking a payment holiday from your payday loan is a viable option that you should seriously consider, and it is handy to know that it is an option to you when you are first agreeing to sign up to a payday loan, and before you begin making repayments.

This is where it is important to choose a payday loan lender that offers a responsible lending service. The sector has certainly changed in the last few years. No longer can payday loan companies get away with treating customers as just a vehicle to print money, allowing them to sink further and further into debt just to make a profit for the payday loan company itself.

As soon as your personal and financial circumstances change it is imperative that you have the ability to quickly get in touch with a point of contact at the payday loan company from which you have borrowed money. That way you can inform them of your current change in circumstance and discuss your options. Instead of being saddled with a late payment fee, and a snowballing effect of interest and missed payments that would seriously cause damage in the long-term, you can ask for a payment holiday to ease your burden and worry.

A payment holiday is exactly as it sounds. It is a short break that you can take away from paying your short-term loan back. There are different options depending on what suits you best, and your payday loan provider must point you in the right direction for debt management schemes, as well as different options to choose from, such as a three-month period of no payments, or a freeze in interest being added to the remaining lump sum. It really depends on your circumstances and what works best for you. This is the biggest difference between the responsible payday loan lenders of today and the loan sharks of the past – they actually care about you.