When you are travelling to Phuket for the first time, rather than staying in one of the fancy chain hotels, you may wish to consider staying somewhere boutique that will give you an authentic taste of Thailand. Hotel Indigo is one such hotel that is different from the others and ensures that their guests have a fantastic experience when they visit. Below are some things that set the Hotel Indigo apart from the competition, encouraging you to journey there for your Thai holiday.

In The Heart Of Patong

The area of Phuket knows as Patong has changed dramatically over the years and has come a long way from the banana plantation which dominated this area half a century ago or so. Nowadays, Patong has developed into a thriving and bustling area of the island and is popular with international and domestic tourists. Hotel Indigo offers you a luxurious and comfortable stay when you visit in surroundings which were designed through the inspiration of Thai culture and the way of life. Conveniently located close to all the action, you will have a memorable stay when you choose this hotel for your holiday.

The Most Delicious Food

Another benefit to staying at the hotel is that you get to enjoy eating at the best restaurant in Patong, Phuket, and the food on offer is an integral part of the ethos that the hotel maintains. They source only sustainable seafood and meats and use the freshest ingredients to assure the quality of the food that they serve. The concept of the Butchers Garden restaurant is Honest, Social, and Local, and they allow you to select your cuts of meat for your dinner. They believe in as few steps from the farm to the table as possible, which is prevalent in the food that they serve.

Excellent Facilities

As well as being conveniently located and offering some of the best food on the island, a stay at Hotel Indigo will also allow you to enjoy all the fantastic amenities that are available. You choose one of the swim-up rooms on the ground floor, and there is also an infinity pool and bar on the roof, offering excellent views at sunset while you enjoy a cocktail or two. You can also use the high-quality fitness centre that is on offer to guests, and you are about a 400-metre walk away from the beach.

If you are looking for a fantastic holiday when you visit Patong, the Hotel Indigo offers beautiful facilities, a convenient location, excellent food and drinks, and value for money, what more could you want?