South East Asia is a popular tourist destination for many people from around the world, and of all the countries in this area, Laos is probably one of the least visited. The lack of tourists should not put you off visiting as you get to experience a slower pace of life with fewer tourist traps and plenty to see and do. Here are some of the things you can enjoy when visiting Vientiane, the capital of Laos when you visit on your holiday.

A Wealth Of History To Explore

There are many museums in Vientiane which document both ancient and modern history in a country that has been ravaged in recent times through warfare, even though they were never at war. Some of the museums that you can explore are;

  • The Laos Textile Museum
  • The Laos People`s Army Museum
  • National Institute Of Fine Arts
  • The Lao National Museum

Enjoy The Beautiful Architecture

There is also plenty of history on offer in the beautiful architecture that you can find throughout the city of Vientiane. You can see glimpses of the French Colonial past, as well as magnificent temples and structures you can see, such as Wat Ho Phra Keo or Xieng Khuan, also known as Buddha Park. Buddha Park has hundreds of statues that you can explore in the lush grounds and is about 25 kilometres outside of Vientiane.

Relax With A Massage

When you visit Vientiane, massage is something that you will see in abundance, and there is no better way to relax after a hard day of sightseeing than with a therapeutic massage. As well as having your choice of massage available, you can also choose a spa package to pamper yourself and help you to relax and enjoy your stay in tranquil Laos.

Delight In The Delicious Cuisine

You will also be spoilt for choice when visiting Vientiane, with a variety of different cuisines available. With the links to France, you will find a distinct influence on the local food, with fresh French bread and pastries available. You will also find traditional foods from Laos, as well as neighbouring countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, and China. You can get a cheap meal on the street or at one of the markets, or enjoy a fine-dining experience at one of the upmarket hotels or restaurants.

Experience The Beauty Of Nature

You will also find that there are many different daily excursions and activities that you can partake in and enjoy the local wildlife and natural beauty spots which are in abundance here. If it is the spectacular scenery that you are after, you will not have to go very far as you can enjoy a beautiful sunset at Chao Anouvong Park.

Whatever you decide to do when you visit Vientiane in Laos, you will find that there are plenty of options available and you are sure to make some fantastic memories that will last with you for your lifetime.